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What Are The Natural Benefits of CBD?

Natural pain relief tops the list when we talk about the benefits of CBD. Evidence and research show that CBD will inhibit the neural pathways of pain which ultimately alleviates pain sensations. The Journal of Experimental Medicine published a study in 2012  were they showed that CBD was able to suppress neuropathic pain and chronic inflammatory reactions in rodents without any analgesic tolerance effects. Research is still being done to find out other therapeutic benefits it possesses.

In 2007, a meta-analysis was conducted in Canada that showed the combination of Full Spectrum CBD being very effective against pain in patients with multiple sclerosis. The patients said that 50 to 70% of pain was relieved. However, CBD is not only effective for pain relief. There are a multitude of other benefits CBD treats.

Antipsychotic Effects

Research shows that CBD has many antipsychotic effects. It has the phrenological profile of atypical antipsychotic drugs. That is why scientists are keen on using CBD for patients suffering from different mental disorders like schizophrenia, psychosis and much more.

Reduced Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are the most common issues in today’s fast paced society. There are many individuals who suffer from social stress and anxiety amongst other forms of stressors. There is no known pharmaceutical treatment specific to addressing anxiety. However, in recent studies, it has been shown that anxiolytic-like effects are present in CBD which can combat anxiety itself. In order to prove this claim, an experiment was conducted in which different patients whom exhibited the same social anxiety disorder were treated with CBD. While half of them were given CBD, the other were administered placebos.

1.5. months after, it was found that the patients whom were treated with CBD showed better results. This was measured by ‘significantly reduced anxiety, comfort in speech and cognitive alertness. CBD regulates the overproduction of cortisol (our stress hormone) in the body. High levels of cortisol is the cause of stress and anxiety, when its production is inhibited, the condition becomes better.

Fight Off Cancer

A Variety of Scientific studies show that CBD has anti proliferative, and pro-apoptotic effects. It means that it can help us combat cancerous cells.

Observable differences in CBD and cancer prevention are that…

1. It has been found that CBD helped stop the proliferation of breast tumour cell lines. CBD releases the cell death signals in the breast tumour cells. This leads to the concentration-dependent cell death in the positive receptor and negative receptor tumour cells in the organ.

2. Studies show that CBD is a non-toxic compound, meaning that high amounts of it do not compromise the integrity of non-tumorigenic cells. E.G if one ingests 700 mg of CBD everyday for 6 weeks, there will be no toxicity build up of any sort in the human body. Whereas, a typical pharmaceutical drug will most definitely have toxic build up. This discovery adds another dynamic characteristic of CBD. It means, CBD can be easily used for prolonged treatment.

Relieves Nausea

Common knowledge indicates that Cannabis has been used to suppress vomiting and nausea for centuries. in 2012, the British Journal of Pharmacology confirmed the suppression of Nausea and vomiting, by observing the effects of CBD on its animal studies, Rats to be more specific.

Treatment of Neurological Disorders

The use of CBD and its use on neurological disorders has now been widely documented. The first documented discovery that comes to mind is the famous experiment by GW pharmaceuticals. They used a CBD extract to treat children diagnosed with epilepsy. After 3 months of treatment, there was more than a 50 percent reduction in seizures in the children. These were the beginning of a series of well documented cases of CBD and the treatment of neurological disorders. Subsequently, scientists started working on the properties of CBD and found that it has special inhibiting effects that can control the signals that lead to seizures in the body.

Controls Diabetes

It has been found that CBD can help control the occurrence of diabetes in patients.

A 2006 study found that CBD treatment significantly reduced the occurrence of diabetes in non-obese diabetic mice. They were able to measure a significant reduction in plasma levels of inflamed cells. In addition, they were able to measure the pancreatic islets of the CBD administered mice and documented its significantly reduced proclivity to insulitis.

Promotes Cardiovascular Health

CBD is very effective for cardiovascular health. It helps protect vascular damage caused by a high glucose environment.

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